Agustin Vazquez

I'm Agustin Vazquez

React Native Developer

  • Birthdate Jun 3rd, 1990
  • City Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • E-mail
  • Timezone ART (GMT -3)
  • Experience 11 years

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Hello! I'm Agustin Vazquez. Senior React Native Developer specialized in mobile development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic mobile projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including JavaScript, Typescript, Java and Objective-C.

Professional Skills

React Native 95%
Android 90%
iOS 80%
CI / CD 90%
AWS 75%
Firebase 85%
Java Spring Framework 60%
MySQL 60%


Fetch AI

Fetch AI

React Native


Fairmarket Home

React Native

Scholly Search

Scholly Search

React Native

Scholly Math

Scholly Math

React Native

We Cover

We Cover

Spring Framework / AWS

Toyboy Warehouse

Toyboy Warehouse

React Native

Work Experience


Fetch AI (via Toptal)

React Native Developer

Developed an app that uses AI to learn from the user which will plan you holidays, arrange dinners, etc.

Added push notifications, social sign ins (Google, Apple), CodePush and Sentry for crash detection.

Created several screens and layouts for the mobile application.

Led a team of junior mobile developers which I supported for the success of the product. Reviewed pull requests daily.

Created Google Maps screens, Places API, Directions API and Geofencing. Calculated travel distance for each destination.

Developed a digital currency wallet screen that displayed the current balance.

Added a Chat feature using react native gifted chat for the front end, and Comet Chat for the engine.


Fairmarket Home (via Toptal)

React Native Developer

Developed a home management app in React Native using GraphQL with Apollo client.

Implemented Android instant apps and iOS 14 app clips.

Created end to end tests using Appium and AWS Device Farm.

Added native libraries such as FacebookSDK, Google Sign In, Firebase Analytics, AppsFlyer, OneSignal, CodePush.


Scholly (via Toptal)

React Native Developer

Worked on Scholly Math and Scholly Search applications (React Native & Expo)

Worked with in-app purchases and push notifications in both Android and iOS.

Performed A/B Tests and JEST snapshot testing.


Toyboy Warehouse (via Toptal)

React Native Developer

Developed a Tinder style application using Animated API in React Native.

Worked with In app purchases and Push Notifications.


Mobeezio (via Toptal)

React Native Developer

Implemented a bridge from Unity to React Native by using native modules and callbacks. (Unity - React Native)

Created a CircleCI YML file to generate the library files automatically. (Unity - React Native)

Developed modules such as login, register, and friend list. (React Native).


Medvice (Freelance)

React Native Developer

Built a prototype for a startup based in the Netherlands on React Native, and by using AI and OpenGL it can detect health emergencies.

Integrated Google Sign In, Firebase Analytics, Fingerprint and FaceID Authentication.


Genium (Freelance)

Project Manager

Worked as a Project Manager for a specific project that consisted of making a web game compatible with Facebook Playable Ads.

2012 - 2018

Paisanos Creando

Founder / Technology Director

Founded my own software development company.

Implemented native products in Android Java and iOS Objective C from simple MVPs to virtual reality, video processing tools, livestream, etc.

In order to maintain a good UX I decided to keep it simple. 6 years of hard work cannot be compacted in few lines. Check out my CV for more information.



Mobile Developer

Developed a mobile game using canvas for Android. The game used the accelerometer to detect phone shakes. The canvas was for the progress of the points because it was circular and at that time there were no libraries to do that (2012).

Learned about phone measuring tools of the phone like GPS, Compass, and Accelerometers used to build a game.

Used Camera API to scan QR code bars

2011 - 2012


Android Developer

Created my first and own mobile product that showed the roadblocks of my city, similar to Waze—ultimately reaching over 50,000 users. Unfortunately, when Waze arrived in Buenos Aires my project lost almost all of their users.

Improved my server-side code by using cache techniques to handle over 50,000 users.

Created an API in PHP for the mobile application that showed the road blocks and received roadblocks requests from the users.

2010 - 2011


Java Backend Developer

Learned the basics of Back-End development and created scripts in bash.



Project Management Expert

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

2009 - 2014

Software Engineering

Universidad de Buenos Aires

16 asignatures passed

2002 - 2007

Information and Communication Technology

High School ORT

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